Monday, February 27, 2012

Elizabeth Price

I found information on another sister of my great-great-grandfather, Thomas Rees Price. I might add that we had copies from a family Bible that mentioned all of the children (minus the last born) of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Jones) Price. So I had names and birth dates, but there were no marriage or death dates. I got a e-mail from Ancestry about Pennsylvania records online so I went and looked for my family. I found the marriage records for two of the other siblings in Schuylkill County, PA where the family lived for most of the time they were in PA. I did look at records in Lehigh County where they lived for a short time before moving to Knoxville, TN. That is when I found information on the other sister of Thomas's. She is child number six and the last child that I had no further information on after birth and one census with her family. When I had seen a copy of Eliabeth (Jones) Price's will it listed two witnesses as Thomas B Glick and Lizzie P Glick. The record at Ancestry said that Thomas B Glick married Elizabeth Price (dau. of the late Jonathan P.)! Then I found census for the Glick's and Lizzie's age matches my Elizabeth Price! So very excited! AS far as I can see they had no children, but I would love to see if there is a picture of her anywhere!

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