Wednesday, September 24, 2008

South American Unknowns

This picture belonged to Rosita Maria Peet (Her maiden name. She was married to Rees Price Orr in 1933 and Robert Kelley in 1941). Rosita was born in Panama to Henry Earnest Peet and Hortensia Marquez, but they also lived in the Lima, Peru area. I believe that Lucille is a cousin of some sort. From the writing on the back (seen below in the second picture) it is Lucille, Erick and Rosita. The picture was taken by Joe Hughes (who I will post a picture of next) at Gonzales Prada. I found some information on Erick and Lucille. They are married and their last name is Konrad. Lucille's birthday is January 3rd (from Rosita's list of birthdays). That is about it to my knowledge of them.

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