Saturday, February 09, 2008

Jonesville, VA family

The second picture is the writing from the back of this picture. It was taken in the mid to late 1930's in Jonesville, VA. If you can help identifying anyone please let me know. The writing says:

This picture was taken last summer at a party given at Mary Jess' home. The picture is made at the side of the house. Aunt Lizzie (Elizabeth Orr Sewell) gave me this picture the night we ate supper at her house. So thank her cause she told me to send it to you.
Front row Left to Right:
1. Mary Jess
2. Mrs. Nan Cridlen
3. Rosita Peet Orr
4. Mrs. Richmond

Back row L to R:
10. Bee Sewell
9. Pearl Strauts
8. Mrs. Munsey
7. Cora Hide
6. Mary Alice
Mary Price Orr

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