Friday, March 16, 2007

Mary Annie Pressley

This is a post especially for a new cousin I have received an e-mail from. I thought I would add a picture on here to show some common relatives. This picture has my great-grandmother, Ellen Caroline (Butler) Gourley, as well as my two aunts, Della and Gracie Bivens. There is also a daughter-in-law of Ellen's, Edith, who married Bill Gourley. The boy and girl in front of Edith are two of her and Bill's children, Junior and Pauline. The older girl is Ellen's granddaughter, Mary Annie Presley, who is the daughter of Lady and William M. Presley.

Back Row: Mary Annie Presley, Ellen Caroline (Butler) Gourley, Edith (Williams) Gourley holding Gracie Bivens
Front Row: Della Bivens, Junior and Pauline Gourley

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